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After years of observation and experience we are in a position to present ourselves as "the great catch". I can  proudly say that we have cought amazing amounts of fish. Often more than the crew could eat. Sometimes realy big ones. But of course we only take on board what we eat! Many are thrown back after the obligatory foto as prove for our skills. The pictures you see show some of our success. Even if we have a day without a great catch we have a laugh. It,s a wonderful sport. 

These are some of the fish we have cought in the past: Blue Shark, Thrascher Shark, Cat Shark, Dog Shark, Dorn Shark, Drachenkopf, Knurrhahn, Conger, Zahnbrasse, Streifenbrasse, Kraken, Cepia, Kalmare, Meeräschen, Hornhechte, Makrelen, Stöcker, Bass, Rotbrassen, Petermännchen, Thonine, Bonito, Pelamide, Swordfish, Goldmakrel ect.ect,

Feel like fishing? Anytime! The best equipment is already on board.