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Latest Pictures from the Sailing Season 2005

Klick on a picture to enlarge!  For more pictures klick on " Fotoarchive for 2005 " on the left!


The Gods get a drink at the beginning and the end of every trip. It works.The Gods have always been with us, please Gods stay with us! Thank You! Sail with us in Croatia. Flottilla sailing, Skippertraining.  Snowboard behind the boat is great fun on a calm day. Good balance is important and with a little practice you will look as elegant and playful as Esther. Bravo!
One of my favoured bays. Every crew so far was amazed. Everytime we are in this region we hope the bay is free. There is only room for one yacht! Of course, we always agree when it comes to Navigation?!? Everyone knows exactly the right direction. The lady on the rudder is waiting for answers. Come on boys, get a grip!
This evening mood after a wonderful day of sailing is just the tip of the iceberg. It,s beautiful, full of energie and yet, very peaceful. Delfine are often our travel companions. sometimes directly in front of our bug. They love surfing our waves. It's heart warming when they laugh at us!
Well behaved kids are always welcome on my trips. As equal crew members they can even take the rudder and can help trimming. Raab amazes us again and again. So many incredible places, bays, beaches,'s time to join us on our crewed charters in Croatia!
With the Spinnaker in front of the wind through the world of islands in Croatia lets the heard of every sailor beat a little faster. Dreams sometimes come true. Sail with us in Croatia! Sailing with the wind. No wave is breaking our speed. Island for island, riff for riff surounded. The wind determines the destination. 
A crew of 7. The Bavaria 49  (15,40 Meter ). The perfect choice. 5 double cabins and 3 toilets offer plenty of room. The Bug cabin of the Bavaria 46 is very comfortable. Not every yacht is as luxurois. Welcome to our crewed charters in Croatia.
Unbelievable. Not a drop of rain fell out of this thretening cloud. it was almost wind still. An impressive play of nature! Raab by moonlight. Sailing with us in Croatia also means that the skippers knows the best spots. At the right place at the right time is the art of the trade!
Lovely! Sailing while getting a suntan. The water is warm most of the time and a little swell is also fun. Crewed charters in Croatia! A jumping Yellowfin. On that day we where lucky to see lots of them and took great pictures. This one would be close to 40 kg or even more.
Hvar Is one of the pretiest islands in Croatia. In any case, it's the longest and has the most hours of sun if you  look at the statistics. The harbour of Komica has limited room. I high season we can anchor in the anjacent bay. Also terific!
Finaly time for the book you  always wanted to read. Crewed charters in Croatia also means plenty of time for yourself. Relaxing, dreaming, letting go, swimming, snorkeling, fishing.....and so much more. Take some time out! After a stormy day in August. (strong winds travelled over the Kornaten and later towards Murter). many boats got damaged. I thank God to this day that our yacht was spared! Taking sails in at the right time is the key to prevent mayor damage!
The ACI Marina Piskera is bedded perfectly in this popular world of islands in the Kornati Nationalpark. We love to stop at this magic place. Bathing, jumping from the cliffs, relaxing, where better than in this beautiful bay. Unforgettable for many of my guests. Come and sail with me!
Good food is an important part of every trip. We should always eat such healthy and tasty stuff as we do on our trips. Book your crewed charters now! Every yacht has it's own story to tell and it's own way to travel with it's special destination. Some yachts  leave a long trail behind them. A wonderful witness of an exiting jurney in the ocean!
Water planes are an important part of Croatias fire fighting. Ongoing training prepares the pilots for the real thing. Trekking on spectacular terrain on magical islands is also one of our favourite adventures. Romantic villages along lonely shores and impressive discoveries are found along the way.
A magical bay, good friends, christal clear waters and a guitar! What more do you need to be happy?
"Le Mere" (something to remember )
If you know how and where you can find  quiate bays even in the highest of seasons. With the right skipper it's easy to avoid the bays with 40 or more boats! Let me be your SKIPPER!