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Kroatien Mitsegeln KroatienK. Kroatien. Dalmatien. Mitsegeln
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Skippered  yacht  charters  along  the  stunning coast  of  Croatia  on  the  Adriatic  Sea

Herzlich willkommen beim Mitsegeln in Kroatien. Sind Sie reif für die Insel ? In Kroatien gibt es viele traumhafte Inseln.

Skippered yacht charters in Croatia!

Safety!  Fun!  Relaxation!  Action!

Safe and relaxed sailing between the unique Islands of Croatia along arguably one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in the Mediterranean. 

Why not indulge yourself on one of our skippered yacht charters where we provide an exciting and safe sailing experience in a relaxed environment. As your personal safety is our top priority one of our qualified skippers will be on hand at all times to ensure that you get the very best experience from your holiday. With assured peace-of-mind you will also benefit from learning new sailing skills and this will be the perfect opportunity to share your experiences among likeminded people. 

Some typical activities aboard a skippered yacht charter in Croatia include sport fishing, diving, snorkelling and swimming in the wonderfully clear azure waters of the Adriatic Sea. During the summer months water temperatures normally range between 22°C and 26°C. There are many other possibilities such as surfing behind the yacht under sail, fishing for tuna and swordfish or simply relaxing on deck and sunbathing. Many possibilities exist and your skipper will be happy to support your personal needs and share his/her sailing knowledge. We also encourage everyone to develop their own sailing skills by helping with certain day-to-day activities such as simple navigation, sail trim, boat handling, mooring and anchoring. Fun and relaxation are guaranteed! 

You will soon discover that the Croatian Islands have a rich and diverse history dating back to antiquity with many hidden secrets waiting to be experienced. Enjoy a friendly welcome and sample local specialities at some of the best regional restaurants. Marvel at the natural beauty of unspoilt coves and quiet bays. Swim in crystal clear blue waters. Lose yourself in the village charm of medieval squares, churches and narrow streets or simply ponder the origins of the vast olive groves, vineyards and orchards.  

Once you have arrived at the marina and are safely situated on the boat the skipper will conduct a crew briefing to formally welcome you aboard. The briefing comprises yacht and safety procedures, familiarisation and demonstrations and an outline of the plans for the charter based upon the prevailing weather conditions. As each person is now a member of the crew, available route options, activities, etc., will be discussed collectively and, once agreed, the skipper will prepare a detailed passage plan for your holiday.

Each charter is rigorously organised to ensure the safety and security of our guests. Safety, fun and relaxation are our top priorities although plenty of action can also be guaranteed if required. 

‘Company Name’ was established in 1995 and has been operating and sailing in Croatia ever since. All our experienced skippers are xxx qualified and we have a wealth of regional knowledge concerning the waters and places of interest around the Croatian Islands and Coastline.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard.

We offer charters between April and November.
However, from experience we recommend the period between May and October as this provides the very best sailing conditions.

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